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Looking for a thrill? Or do you want to relax? Treat yourself the way you deserve! With our men on call, you will forget about everything!

Spend an unforgettable evening filled with romance, passion and serenity, airy relaxation and incredible pleasure. Massage, striptease, oral sex and heart-to-heart talk – choose what you want today!

You can arrange a photo shoot, take a bath together or stay in bed all day long – it’s up to you! Call and make sure that our guys are exactly the ones you need!

Gigolo Michael profile

Индивидуал Майкл

Why do we need to book our men on call?

  • They are always in touch. But only for girls!
  • All photos are real. Take a good look at them. Didn’t you dream of such a guy?
  • Provide any health certificate upon request.
  • Educated and engaged in self-development – they will not be bored with them!
  • Style, good manners, gallantry – and these are just some of the virtues.
  • XXL in the address of our site is not accidental – you will be pleasantly surprised.

VIP leisure for beautiful ladies

Individuals male escort from are your guide to the world of realized fantasies. Plunge into an incredible reality, full of sensuality and passionate impulses. Believe me, you will remember a date with one of the boys for a very long time! Do you want to summon a hot male, but in doubt? Dreaming of a gentle lover, but hesitating to order a gigolo? Away with fears! Give in to the temptation to be selfish!

What is important for women in men? Ability to listen and support, appearance, charm, sense of humor … A rented man is an ideal boyfriend who has taste, sense of style and charm. He knows how to charm a lady. Handsome and brutal, sporty and smart – there is something to talk about and something to do with him. You can take such a guy with you to a serious event or an evening walk, or you can invite him to your room.

In a city like Sochi, there is a lot of entertainment. But exclusive erotic leisure compares favorably with many of them. To order a guy means to give yourself freedom and vivid experiences. It is an opportunity to lose control and a great way to relieve stress, a cure for boredom, and enjoyable communication.

Features of gigolo services in Sochi

Иконка три
Services are provided only for women and couples
Иконка такси
Calling hot macho is possible only by prior order
Иконка выбор
The right to choose remains with the guy – this is the key to our good reputation

Call Boy - Your Personal Wishmaker

Gigolo services are multifaceted and provide an opportunity to spend time in a variety of ways. No date with a prostitute beats such a rendezvous. After all, a call guy is a seducer, a womanizer, a man who falls in love with himself. He gives women attention and care, respect and fulfillment of the most cherished desires.

A high-class prostitute always carefully monitors her appearance and health. He is radically different from the guy whose profile can be found on the agency’s website. First of all, an individual gigolo works for himself, and therefore is not limited by time and can choose clients himself. His work is not put on stream, and the services are many times better. Such a custom-made guy will make the most experienced tigress blush and surprise an experienced courtesan with her endurance, let alone ordinary women.

You can order a man on call

to the hotel roomto the hotel room
to your hometo your home
bachelorette partybachelorette party
for couplesfor couples
for the eveningfor the evening
for the nightfor the night
for a dayfor a day
for the weekendfor the weekend

Surrender to passion in the car or spend a weekend of dreams, treat yourself to a night of love in a luxury hotel, or celebrate February 14 with an elegant gentleman who knows how to give a mind-blowing massage. There are a lot of options for spending leisure time – you just need to make a choice, but if you do not know what you want, our boys will independently draw up a dating program.

Selfish leisure activities for women of all ages

In Sochi, any woman can afford the services of a call guy. You don’t have to be a wealthy lady to arrange a holiday for yourself. MaxXXL24.RU is a pleasure with home delivery available to every adult lady!

Tired of dating strange men? A professional gigolo is a guarantee of a great mood and no risks. Hustler, macho, shy, seducer, master – the guy will play any role. MaxXXL24.RU – exclusive services for beautiful ladies who know a lot about entertainment!

How to find a lover for one night in Sochi? There are many ways, but many of them are quite risky. Real seducers from dating sites usually look very different from the photos on the Internet. A cavalier may turn out to be selfish, rude, not entirely adequate. Live in Sochi and dream of an adventure with an attractive man? Gigolo MaxXXL24.RU at your service! A bachelorette party, a date in a sauna, a rendezvous at a hotel – give yourself a flurry of new sensations and pleasant memories.

There are many sites where you can order / rent a boy. But isn’t personalized service better? On our site there are profiles of individuals with a good reputation, extensive experience and rather big dignity. For the ladies, they are ready for anything, because each of them gives great pleasure to please the fair sex.

The boy will come to you for a reward, and in return you will get the opportunity to spend time in an unusual, interesting and exciting way. Hot night or gentle relaxation, light BDSM or unique practices – give yourself a new experience that will give you peace and push the boundaries of consciousness.

What can we guarantee you?

Иконки маски
complete anonymity and confidentiality
Иконка Пунктуальность
punctuality and discretion
Иконка Желание
fulfillment of any of your wishes
Иконка удовольствия
a lot of pleasure, great mood and unusual experience

A virtuoso in love pleasures and a gentleman in communication

The man on call is well aware of the peculiarities of female psychology. He knows how to be romantic, gentle, courteous and gallant. At the same time, the night with him can be filled with fire and passion that you never dreamed of. Erotic massage and kuni, unusual techniques and gentle caresses – the boys are ready to surprise you again and again.Plunge into the world of erotic pleasure, frivolous pleasures and piquant permissiveness!

What if you want madness and passion? Finding a boyfriend for a relationship without commitment can be difficult for a woman. Our men on call will not ask unnecessary questions, will surprise you with their talents and will be able to make the rendezvous unforgettable! No need to waste time on dating on the Internet – just write to the one you like in the messenger or call!

Prices for the services of a professional gigolo in Sochi

Not every lady can afford luxurious and expensive leisure. But not in the case of dating the prostitutes from MaxXXl24.RU. Prices are democratic, and the services provided are of high quality and variety. Guys provide VIP service at prices that are available not only to a wealthy businesswoman.

A call boy is a wonderful remedy for longing and discouragement. Women want to take off their lover when they are single, disappointed in marriage, or do not feel the satisfaction of dating men. Guys are called by a variety of ladies and for various reasons, because Casanova solves a variety of problems to order, from the absence of a partner to shyness in bed.

Why do ladies want to book a man on call?

Мужчина-проститут для взрослых женщин

For mature ladies

Many women want to see a gentle and courteous guy next to them who knows how to satisfy a lady. Alas, ladies often do not find such macho among their peers. An ardent young man can give a lot to a woman. That is why mature women often buy gigolo services.
Мужчина-проститут для девушек

For young girls

Why do young girls hire a guy? To gain experience, overcome complexes and reveal your sexuality. With such a partner, you can not be shy in expressing your own feelings. In addition, he is maximally interested in receiving pleasure from a woman.
Мужчина-проститут для подруги

Casanova as a gift

A male prostitute can be a great gift for a friend. Just think how glad she will be to get a personal stripper or a skilled lover who will pamper her with his skills all night long!

Enjoy life to the fullest - with a man who knows how to drive a lady crazy

A man on call is practical. And women are well aware of this. Sochi prostitutes do not sit without work – the demand for gigolo services is only growing, because today women have become more independent and easily provide for themselves. Why start a relationship when you can go on dates and spend nights with guys just for your health?

A rental cavalier can come at any time of the day or night. A professional gigolo will give you self-confidence and moments of joy, captivate you with conversation and make you feel desirable and feminine again. A quick call to a man solves a lot of problems. This exclusive service allows you to relieve stress and gives you the opportunity to give yourself positive emotions, pleasure, multiple orgasms and a sense of satisfaction.

Order your dream guy in Sochi

A rented man is more than a prostitute. This is a friend, lover, interlocutor and companion all rolled into one. You can do anything with him, whenever you want, and this does not require any extra effort from the woman. You won’t have to listen to reproaches from him, and the date can be the first and the last. No worries and no obligations!

If you want to:

  • remove a man on call;
  • remove the call guy;
  • remove the call boy;
  • find a prostitute in Sochi.
  • That’s all – a gigolo from

Want to book a hot male for a bachelorette party? I can strip dance and make the ladies blush. Need a boy for fun? Our guys know the most unusual positions and know how to deliver incredible pleasure in a variety of ways. They will increase your tone and give you a wonderful mood! Forget about all the problems and troubles next to the man of your dreams who loves to make women happy!

Cure for stress and melancholy

Not every man knows how to communicate with women. Gigolo knows all about women’s desires and dreams. He does not behave like an uncouth man, he knows how to listen and support. In many ways, this is why the services of prostitutes are so in demand – after all, girls often order modern Don Juan simply because there is no knowing gentleman nearby.

A professional lover for money will teach you the art of love and give you the opportunity to drown in the variety of erotic pleasures. But meeting with him is not only bed experiments. This is a sea of new emotions, pleasant communication, complete relaxation and rest from any problems. With a rented boyfriend, you relax body and soul.

Men on call from will envelop you in tenderness and allow you to freely express your desires. “I want to call, but I’m afraid,” many girls think. Be courageous and indulge in a spicy adventure that will bring you harmony and many pleasant memories.